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Kerstin is a fantastic photographer but she is so much more than that. Don't go to Kerstin if you just want a couple of boring routine headshots. I mean, she could do that for you and she'd do an amazing job but you'd be missing out on taking your personal branding to a whole new level. The Kerstin Experience starts long before any pictures are taken. Her workbook makes you think deeply about who you are and what your brand really means to your clients, her planning sessions go into intricate detail about styling, props, locations, even the weather is part of the planning process. The result is a unique set of images that you can be proud to use in practically any situation. I can totally recommend the Kerstin Experience!
Susan Castle
Leadership Coach

Investing in brand shoot is one of the best decisions I made for my business. Kerstin was so thorough, knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She helped me think through my brand shoot through discussion and her lovely workbook that has so many helpful questions that helped me think deeper about my brand which is me ☺️. She guided me all the way through and the process was unhurried. Kerstin really listened to what I was saying to her and truly understood what my brand is and could be. She’s really amazing. She took so many amazing photos. I love them all. I had a lot of fun throughout the process and my two dogs love it too 🥳🥳 Now I am using my brand photos on my website and social media. It gives me an additional voice to tell my ideal clients about me and my business. I love it and would highly recommend Kerstin. She’s da best ☺️ brand photographer!!
Pei-I Yang
Parenting Consultant

I am - very - camera shy. And yet Kerstin managed to make our photo shoot fun! I am so happy with the results. Kerstin is very thorough, with excellent communication throughout the whole process. I thoroughly recommend her.


Venka De Rooij

Trauma Therapist

Kerstin put a huge amount of effort into capturing my brand with her photos. She really helped me to focus on exactly what my company stands for, and ways of getting that across in the images. The preparation for the shoot alone was a really helpful process, and the shoot itself was great fun! Kerstin is a pleasure to work with and her pictures are truly beautiful. I'd recommend her to anyone keen to get their message across with the help of brand photography.

Hannah Charman

Herbalist and Coach

I put off having brand photographs taken for 9 years as I was just too nervous and uncomfortable and dreaded the thought of being in front of the camera. But after connecting with Kerstin here on LI, I just knew that it was the right time for me, and that I wanted her to be the one to take my photos! I never thought I would hear myself say it, but I can honestly say that I've loved the whole experience. I did feel a little nervous on the morning of the shoot, but the nerves soon disappeared as Kerstin put me at ease and made the process fun! And I'm so in love with my final images. They aren't just a set of typical desk/office shots - which I knew I didn't want. The creativity really reflects the nature of my work and I love the detail in them. I don't usually like to share photos of myself but I'm so confident in sharing my brand photos! I've had some amazing feedback and compliments on them. I would totally recommend working with Kerstin for your brand shoot. The attention to detail, ideas, creativity, editing is amazing and she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect!

Leanne Kelly 

Brand Designer

Kerstin is an amazing photographer and great fun to work with. If I am honest, I did debate investing in a brand photography shoot. That would have been a huge mistake! Kerstin is an absolute joy to work with and really takes the time to put you at ease and really get to to know what you are about. She gently guides you on clothes and props to fit in with your branding to create wonderful pictures. I am not a natural in front of the camera but Kerstin puts you at ease. Her knowledge of appropriate lighting and positioning, combined with post shoot editing, results in a great finished product. My experience is a fantastic set of pictures that I am proud to display on my website and other social media. Thank you so much Kerstin. ❤🙏

Lorraine Eivers

I could not recommend Kerstin more highly. I wanted to buy a gift for my wife that would mean a huge amount to her. Kerstin was very professional and an absolute delight to work with. She worked so hard to ensure she capture the essence of Ruth, her love of Nia and the things which make her tick. She worked to our schedule and needs and went out of her way to ensure everything went well and was an enjoyable experience. The results speak for themselves. In my opinion she captured Ruth, her business values and the joy that Nia brings to her and her clients. She such a talented woman and a great person to know. She created one of the best gifts I could have ever bought my wife.

Duncan Simpson
Amazing Husband and Entrepreneur

Kerstin works in true partnership with you and she has really helped me in building out the visual aspects of my personal brand. The photos are completely on brand and I now have beautiful stock images I have used across my website, training presentations and marketing collateral. Working with Kerstin was great fun, I highly recommend her to others that are looking to build their personal brand or refresh their professional look.

August 2021
Laura Bosworth
Recruiter and Employer Branding Consultant

Kerstin really spent a great deal of time with me making sure that we got exactly what I wanted to get from this process. She is such a talented and dedicated professional with an amazing style that carries through all her work. It was such a pleasure to work with her. It was also just great to cut loose, have fun and just be myself completely. After all, isn't that what we all want to do? Thanks Kerstin. You made that happen!

July 2021
Greg Friel

Musician and Marketer

Kerstin Photography: It’s like a makeover for your business. When people see a photo of you on social media, it becomes the default image ingrained in their minds whenever they think about you. That’s why it pays to have a social media image that make people say “oooooh…” in a good way and not “oooooh…” in a bad way. Now that I’ve gotten a professional headshot taken by Kerstin, I feel like I can be authentic on social media knowing my best image is out there saying it for me, even if I’m still in my pjs with greasy hair. 
Something that seems inherent in many photographers is the love of meeting new people and seeing new places. Kerstin is the essence of that. Though most of her life was spent on a career path unrelated to photography, you can tell Kerstin’s love of capturing images runs deep into her veins. Kerstin has a natural sense of style and intuitiveness with her craft. Her care and attention-to-detail in editing images is second-to-none. Kerstin knows how to capture your million-dollar essence with her no-nonsense and engagingly-optimistic view on life. With Kerstin’s photos, you will see yourself through a new lens.

July 2021
Anna Roszak

Working with Kerstin was a true delight. I am delighted with the photos that Kerstin produced for us on our Brand shoot. Kerstin not only takes great photos but digs deep into your business to understand your story and what you want to portray in your images. It is that detail and tougher planning which ensures that you have a successful shoot. Kerstin is great at putting you at your ease and getting the best out of her models even the four-legged ones- Perhaps especially the for legged ones. With Kerstin, you will get great results and have fun along the way- Thanks again Kerstin

Robert MacLeod

McDug Nutrition

Where do I start ... this lady is just wonderful! I had the privilege of doing my brand shoot with Kerstin and the experience and photos are nothing short of outstanding 😍 For someone like me who’s probably a tad too laid back with this kind of stuff, she kept me on track in terms of preparation for the shoot and we had the best day ever! She went above and beyond for me on the day of the shoot and also afterwards when receiving my beautiful photos 😍 With not being very ‘attention to detail’ orientated I can honestly say that for the first time I really do see the difference and value it has to have your photos done professionally. She is such a beautiful and genuine person. She made the whole experience fun and has great energy. I’d whole heartedly recommend Kerstin to anyone who is looking to have their brand shoot done and have the image of their business at the standard they deserve. Thank you for a great experience and thank you for my beautiful photos. My team and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product and I’m very grateful to have shared this experience with someone like you.

May 2021
Lynsey Gilmartin

Lynsey Gilmartin Coaching

Lots of people say they specialise in xyz, but Kerstin really is the most amazing expert at working with camera shy women professionals. There’s only been 1 photo of me in the last ten years (taken by Kerstin). So when I knew I had to bite the bullet and get another, there was only one person I trusted. I’m so happy that there was someone who could not only make me look good but also made it a heap of fun. Kerstin went above and beyond to make it a green day. If you’re not a fan of the camera, then she’s the photographer for you!

May 2021

Julie Flynn 

𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿 & 𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘄𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗻𝗲𝗿

Having a business with a few aspects to it I was worried about how to get 'brand' imagery that connected it all. Being non photogenic I was cautious about getting 'brand' photography when I didn't really want it all about me! So I'm sure I was not Kerstin's easiest client - yet she was willing to slip slide in the muddy sand almost doing the splits to get the 'right' shots. She let me faff about and be awkward until she got the 'right' shot and I love the results. I've even been inspired to complete a project because she nailed the book cover (How to Re-Vitalise Your Eating) without us even working on that. I have just had my website updated using some of the photos and the feedback has been fabulous and those I've used on SM have had some of my best comments. I just wish I could do it all over again as I now know even more what I want for a future 'bank' and would be another fun time with Kerstin :-)

April 2021
Barbara Griffin

Mindset, fitness and nutrition - Coach @ Transform Body + Mind

I’ve been camera shy for as long as I can remember. I was always the one behind the camera at family gatherings and would hide at the back of my group of friends whenever photos were being taken on a day/night out. But as a realist, I knew that I needed to get some photos for my up and coming business so it was with some trepidation I contacted Kerstin. I had met her several times online and she seemed like my sort of girl. I can wholeheartedly say that I shouldn’t have been so hesitant and nervous. Kerstin immediately set me at ease, acknowledged my fears and making me feel listened to. Through our discussion it became evident that what I needed was a “my brand isn’t quite ready” photo shoot….she really does need to get a catchier title! There was no hard sell, and she didn’t try to push a bigger package. We agreed a date and place and met for the shoot. Again I was initially hesitant, having a large zoomed camera in front of me was a very alien concept. But again, Kerstin soon made me feel at ease. By the time she had taken a few photos I was loving being in front of the camera. I didn’t even mind that people were stopping to stare, I imagined I was some famous celebrity visiting Broughty Ferry for the day, hounded by the paparazzi. My photo shoot with Kerstin was a wonderful experience, she is the most amazing professional photographer. I don’t know how she managed it but she captured some beautiful images. Photos which I am proud to share with the world. So, if you’re on the lookout for a brand photographer your search is over, you’ve found Kerstin.

December 2020

Dianne Murphy

The Mind Cleanser - Coach and Therapist

There are people who call themselves Brand Photographers and there are Brand Photographers. Kerstin is a Brand Photographer extraordinaire! You don’t just turn up to a brand photography shoot with Kerstin. She puts in an immense amount of time and effort into getting to know you and your brand (whether personal or business), before she takes a single picture. The questionnaire and subsequent meetings are the perfect environments for discussing expectations, styles, locations, wardrobe and props. No stone is left unturned. All of this preparation means that come the photoshoot, you feel as though you know each other. This means that the daunting prospect (for many, including me) of being photographed is much less so. Kerstin is great at making you feel relaxed and getting the best out of you. Her energy and enthusiasm make the photoshoot a hugely enjoyable day. And the results? Well, they are fantastic! I now have a bank of over 120 ‘on-brand’ images that I can use on my website, for profile images and on social media. Kerstin spends a great deal of time editing the images. The quality of the final images gives me so much more confidence when it comes to social media posts and promoting myself. I recommend everyone should do a brand photography photoshoot with Kerstin.

November 2020

Giles Etherington

Brand Creator - Brand Satellite

Even from an early age I have always disliked having my photograph taken so the thought of a personal website with personal photographs horrified me. I engaged with a few photographers on LinkedIn, but did not speak to any and then came across Kerstin through a post from a friend. We connected and she did not try to sell me anything. We had a long Zoom call at my request and again no sales pitch. The focus was on making me comfortable and understanding what I was looking for. The personal connection was there and I felt at ease. The preparation work was exceptional and I was surprised at the volume and depth of it. Outstanding professionalism. We did a studio shoot for my business photos and I had a blast! Kerstin made me at ease and from the initial few shots she showed me I was delighted – that made me relax even more. The personal/casual shoot at home and outside was even more fun. The results are exceptional and my biggest challenge was narrowing them down and selecting the ones I wanted to use as there were so many. Kerstin is exceptional at what she does and is great to spend time with too. I highly recommend Kerstin and would be delighted to chat to anyone thinking about working with her – just do it!

October 2020

Craig Alexander Rattray

Director CR Corporate Solutions

Working with Kerstin was amazing, she helped make the day fun and filled of laughter for the shoot. I now have a much stronger brand thanks to her genius photography skills. Kerstin thank you, I felt my business was missing something without the brand photography and now it feels complete, I no longer need to use stock photographs as my brand images say it all.

September 2020

Dee Shepherd

Coach and Healer

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kerstin. I am lucky enough to hang out with Kerstin socially, so I already had some lovely candid pictures from our coffee dates. Despite knowing how much I squirm in front of a camera, she offered a studio session to take some professional head shots. I am so pleased with the pictures she delivered - I think they are the only pictures of me I'm happy to look at! I was particularly impressed by Kerstin's ability to capture a range of poses that are professional and still convey my personality. That skill must take years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Kerstin would be an excellent choice for anyone considering personal shots or brand photography, and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

August 2020

Alison Johnstone

Independent Researcher

Kerstin took my headshot yesterday and it was an absolute pleasure. 😄 She'd really thought about the holistic experience of someone getting their photo taken - from my first interactions with her she was friendly and gave me all the information I needed to feel ready for the shoot. When I arrived at her studio we had a coffee and a good conversation. By the time we'd got to taking the photos, Kerstin already felt like a friend and the rapport we'd built lead to such a comfortable environment where I really felt at ease. Kerstin's attention to detail, coaching, and encouragement through the photos combined with her talent for photography means we ended up with a stack of photos I was happy with and had a hard job whittling it down! It was also important to me that the photos felt authentic, and I was delighted that Kerstin really managed to capture me in her pictures. On top of all of this, we had heaps of fun and laughed a lot - who knew headshots could be so enjoyable. 😄 Kerstin far exceeded my expectations, I'd highly recommend her.

July 2020

Lauren Fraser

UX + UI Designer

I am working through your brand photography workbook at the moment and I had to pause and write this recommendation, so that others can get a small glimpse into what it means to work with you. The questions you use in your workbook are so insightful, the layers you take your client through in the workbook generate many "lightbulb" moments and provide real clarity as you move from step to step and page to page. I'm on the brand values section at the moment. Had you just asked me on page 1 to write down my brand values I would have struggled to articulate these in 3-5 words, but in following the journey you have taken me on, these are so clear now. I would like current and future Club Synergy members to feel, HOPEFUL, ENERGISED, CARED FOR but CHALLENGED during, and after,each touchpoint. Thank you, this has been soooo much more than a brand photography exercise. You have added so much value to me and my business, that goes far beyond what I know will be a set of awesome images.

July 2020

Kelly Houston

Active Business Coach

Kerstin is one of the highest calibre photographers who takes time to get to know her clients in order to capture that photo that will "tell a thousand words" all the while making even the most camera shy feel so relaxed and comfortable that you forget there is a lens there. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a professional photo, even more so to those who are camera shy/photo avoiders. You will not regret it!

July 2020

Michaila Leivaditaki

I was photographed by Kerstin last year for my yoga and healthcare business. I am not particularly shy. However, I initially felt self conscious doing yoga poses in public places for the shoot. My yoga is not like the typical contortionist poses you may see bendy, young, thin women doing on Instagram. It is much more accessible, mindful and healthy. Kerstin has a passion and a sparkle that puts you at ease. I quickly forgot about the camera and really enjoyed the shoot. It is very important for me to be truly authentic in my life and work. I feel that Kerstin’s photos captured that beautifully. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any businesswomen looking for a professional photographer to help capture their own brand identity.

April 2020

Fiona Keay

Yoga Teacher

Kerstin listens and observes, I felt very comfortable in her presence and I easily relaxed. She didn't stint with her time, and the results were more than I hoped for. I was thrilled to receive some excellent and professional head shots as well as some magical photographs as a result of Kerstin's editing skills. She's truly remarkable. I am extremely happy with my photographs and highly recommend her.

April 2020

Libby Ma Ceile

Transformal Coach

I have known Kerstin for years, but never seen her without her camera. She always found time to capture something, noone else could see. I am also not a fan of cameras, but shooting with Kerstin was just great fun with even better results! And besides that all pictures, I find her very customer driven and fair player.

April 2020

Miroslava Micekova

Regional Customer and Supply Chain Solution Manager

I warned Kerstin before we did the photo shoot, that I am really uncomfortable in front of the camera. Even as a child I did not like having my photograph taken. Kerstin made me feel so relaxed that I completely forgot I was having my photograph taken. We shared some unusual conversations which produced the expressions on my face. A very enjoyable session. I would highly recommend using Kerstin for all your photographic needs, so professional and determined to match your personality to your images.

March 2020

Kathie Reid

Rapid Transformational Therapist

I have never liked having my photograph taken. Never felt comfortable. However for professional reasons I wanted some professional photographs taken. Kerstin was the obvious choice She made me feel very relaxed and confident. The outcome was a set of photographs I not only like but I’m proud of them She is very professional and I would recommend her very highly

February 2020

Neil Kindness

Kindness Consultancy

Kerstin is such a creative soul with a photography style that is wholly unique and exclusive to her brand. She sustains an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude to everything she does and is absolutely one of my favourite collaborators! 

Ailsa Lonsdale

Producer and Actress

Kerstin has a fantastic capacity for making all she does seem easy, which belies the effort expended. She has an inordinate ability to put her client(s) at ease, which results in beautifully composed photographs. Having seen, first hand the processes that she involves in the production of her images, I can only say that she is awesome ! Her attention to detail is unbelievably precise no matter the subject, be it head-shots, portraiture, commercial business, wedding photography ( whatever, literally, catches her eye) she has an enthusiasm that many would seem to have not found.

March 2020

Peter Halley

Expert Holistic Being. Singing Bowl Sound Specialist. Intuitive. Energy Healer. Spiritual Awareness. Mental Health.

Over the years that I have known Kerstin she has been relentlessly passionate about photography and going above and beyond for her customer. Her skills in creating photos speak for themselves, but her people skills are also unmatched as she puts people at ease while achieving her objective. I think all the photos of me that I'm happy with were taken by Kerstin (including my LinkedIn head shot) Whenever I contemplate having pictures taken, Kerstin is my 1st, and only choice.

Neil Goodwin 

Technical Manager - Engineering Services and New Developments at Scaled Solutions Limited

We would like to thank Kerstin for capturing some wonderful moments from our Handfasting Day! I, the Bride, was so worried about the photos as I truly do not like my picture taken but Kerstin managed to put me at ease and produced work that brought me to tears….tears of joy that is! The images were stunning as were the locations that she so carefully chose for us at Cammo Estate in Edinburgh. We did not want a “conventional” wedding photographer or photos so we were overjoyed when we found Kerstin and she agreed to take the photos of our Handfasting. Kerstin frequently communicated with us via email her help and advice was priceless and always so friendly. After our first meeting with Kerstin Nick and I were so very excited and confident she would provide us with some very special memories. Kerstin could not have shown us more interest, passion and excitement about the photography for our special day and of the beautiful venue we had chosen. Kerstin is an artist who is so passionate and professional about her work yet ever so friendly too, our 2 year old daughter Freya loved her, we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants memories of their special day captured on film by someone who truly loves her work. We wish her every success and are so grateful with the everlasting memories she captured for us.

Louise & Nicholas Calvert

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